Solar Energy Panels – Tips & Information on Sourcing Parts

Solar Energy Panels are just part of the every growing world of alternative energy solutions. Sustainable energy for homes and business can come in many forms, solar, wind, and even hydro electric and geo-thermal energy are all viable sources, depending on where you live. Wind and solar are probably the most commonly found, because the materials for both of these power sources are relatively easy to find and put together.

Solar Energy Panels, used with whole house solar power systems can easily be obtained from many sources. There are even many websites that sell portable solar power, folding panels, or ones that even roll up are offered. These complete systems can be taken anywhere, even hiking and camping, wherever you need some power for your cell phone, lap top, etc. Many of these are very affordable, in some cases can be found for under $100.

You can find tons of information on solar energy panels, from brand new modules, DIY kits, and even used ones. With photovoltaic cells becoming cheaper and cheaper, you can even put together a complete panel very inexpensively. There are even ways to get your panels for free, and here is a tip on doing so. Many construction companies use portable solar power on work sites. You see these all the time when you are driving through construction, but you probably never wondered about them. These panels go through a lot of abuse on the side of the road. Whenever one becomes damaged, they usually deem it unsafe and replace them.

The construction companies find it really hard, and expensive to dispose of these solar energy panels. If you speak to the owner, and let them know that you are interested in taking them off of their hands, in many cases they will just give them to you. In most cases, only a small part of the panel is damaged, and that piece can easily be replaced. Another place you may be able to find free panels is from businesses that rely heavily on solar energy to run their place of work. Because they are constantly upgrading to the latest technologies, they tend to replace these every few years or so. Many have programs that you can apply too so you can get on a list of people the company will donate their used panels too.

There are many advantages of using solar energy panel systems, and other alternative energy sources. The biggest is cutting back on the need to be on the regular power grid, and in some cases being free on power bills altogether. It reduces pollution, lowers the impact of climate change, and can lower your carbon foot print. There are so many appliances that are high efficiency products, that are specifically designed for alternative energy uses. The demand for these products is so great, that the costs have come down considerable in recent years.

You can find many sources of information online, and there are more and more companies in your local area that also have started specializing in alternative energy installation. DIY plans and kits are also available, reducing costs even more. Solar energy panels are plentiful, and can even be made yourself, over the course of just a few weekends.